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Breathing free and easy April 8, 2016
Reviewer: Harland from Toronto  
Before finding Bionette I lived a life of being constantly congested as the result of dust and mould allergies. Today with Bionette I breathe freely. And usually I only need one treatment to make me congestion free for a full day and night. My wife loves it too, because her sleep is not disturbed by my snoring.

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Reviewer: CH  
I am a pharmacist and a couple of us at work are using the Bionette, and we are selling it and recommending it to lots of our patients. We have had a lot of good feedback on it! It is a great product.

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Incredible May 11, 2015
Reviewer: Allen C.  
Suffered every spring for 5 decades. Tried pills, sprays, steroids.
It's like a miracle. Can finally go outside and smell the flowers.

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Bionette has freed me from antihistamines May 1, 2015
Reviewer: Janie from Toronto  
By now, I usually would have already gone through a package of antihistamines - and the allergy season is just beginning. They are expensive, hard on my system, and I would be dragging myself around like the walking dead.

But, this simple Bionette device has freed me from all that! No side effects; just the ability to live my life normally even when spring is doing her worst!

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Bionette gave me the Peace of Mind March 24, 2015
Reviewer: Maged Ghubrial from Mississauga  
My name is Maged I came to Canada 5 years ago I have been suffering from Nasal allergy and stuffy nose I would do anything to relive those annoying symptoms before going to bed till I started using Bionette.
Bionette means Quality of Life and Peace of Mind

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Bionette Review March 24, 2015
Reviewer: Melwin Francisco Figueiredo from Mississauga  
I suffer from chronic allergic rhinitis and have done nasal punctures twice in the past but after using Bionette twice a day religiously after getting up in the morning and at bedtime my symtoms have reduced drastically. I no longer use antihistame tablets or sprays of corticosteriods. Bionette has improved my quality of life and recommed this product to people who suffer from allergic rhinitus.
What is better health worth?

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I do no get sick anymore. March 23, 2015
Reviewer: Pierro Machuca from El Salvador, La Libertad  
I am full satisfied of your product; I discovered this product by my mother in law. She took a brochure in a clinique out of curiosity. Then she gave me the brochure (I still kept it) thinking that can help me, and my story start right away.I have been for all my life with AR, but I never known what exactly was my disease. Until I started a private medical insurance in 2007 the doctor in charge diagnosed me Allergic Rhinitis. But every time that spent consulting with a doctor for the last 20 years or more, my diagnosed was, sore throat, flu, bronchitis, etc.I can prove this with all the medical records that throughout my life have been opened. And all the doctor prescribed me the same medicine, sometime even doublin the dose or prolonged because they do not produce good results.After taking the medicine could spend a week sound, but again lie with infections in the throat, swollen tonsils, loss of voice and all symptoms of RA. I took so many medications for so long that my body reacts to the damage I had done and I was swells the middle ear causing the Labyrinthitis.It was a this point when I decide to not take more medicines anymore, and here is when I knew BioNette, I realized that this was the solution to my health problems. I buyed it in March, in the first week I started to feel relief, I followed using it until now, exactly six months later I had slight symtomps of flu but I was able to fight withot taking medicines. In my job very often four co-workers had symtoms of flu and they do not care to cover his mouth. So that was my baptism of fire by not sick. Now all I get sick less. Even my wife and children get sicks.I am a long runner distance, in my youngest time I was an athlete, but this health problem prevented me to train and assist them to compete. Now I am 32 years old, I really enjoy running every day and you cannot imagine my satisfaction. I do no get sick anymore.Actually, each time that I see people sick, I recommend BioNette.My name is Pierro Machuca. From El Salvador, La Libertad.So many thanks to your team of scientists to invent this red light.

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Bionette saved my life! March 17, 2015
Reviewer: A. B. from United States  

I live in the States and BioNette saved my life.

I cannot tell you in words the passion and thanks I have. I was completely Anosmiac no sense of taste or smell unless on heavy doses of steroids (prednisone) after 8 weeks using BioNette 5 times a day you have given me back TWO of my senses I thought were lost forever.

What can I do to help promote this product it is a miracle.

Thanks so much,


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...this has cured my house dust allergy! March 13, 2015
Reviewer: Darren Cook  
Hay fever/allergies? We bought this product back in February. It arrived a few days before our holiday, but I gave it a serious go in April and I think it has been confirmed beyond doubt: this has cured my house dust allergy!

At first sight it looks like a gimmick: the idea of shining red light up your nose! But I read the scientific reports, and there was enough real science to catch my interest. In particular if the allergy is due to a certain kind of skin damage inside the nose it doesn't work well; it gives good results for others. The idea is that the red light (at a certain frequency) encourages some enzyme or something or other to the nasal membranes which then heals the damage, and thus cures the sensitivity to pollen/dust/whatever. I didn't/don't know if it is true, but it seems a plausible mechanism.

You clip it to your nose for about 5 minutes (the unit has a timer). Use it 2-3 times/day for a couple of weeks. Then after that just after a sneezing fit (or that itchiness that precedes a sneezing fit).

My dust allergy has been bad for a few years now: needing to wear a mask to vacuumn, or to change a futon cover, etc. And even then normally ending up with a sneezing fit. The past year or two I seem to have started a pollen allergy too. I've never taken (and would never take) medicine for these allergies: they just cover up symptoms, and ultimately create other issues for you.

Pollen in Tokyo is mainly in Jan/Feb/Mar, so I cannot comment on that. But I now can dust, change futon covers, vacuumn, shake blankets out outside, etc. without wearing a mask, and not start sneezing!!

I've not used the device regularly, systematically, since April. But I do use it when I feel the nose itch (once/week on average, I guess). I.e. this appears to be a real cure, not just treating symptoms.

As for the design of this particular product, I've no complaints. Well constructed and battery life is long (i.e. still our first batteries in there). The nose clips are sealed, so you can rinse them under the tap (we then usually give them a spray with some alcohol spray). They come with a nice case (it is a bit tight - you have to fold the leads neatly).

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It helps unblock my stuffy nose. March 13, 2015
Reviewer: Daniel C.  
I am twelve years old and love Bionette. It helps unblock my stuffy nose.

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